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About Us

North West Tasmania Tree Services are the leading local team for professional tree care services. We offer several different services to ensure every customer gets the exact level of care they need.

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Work Quality. Our team is 100% committed to delivering the best quality of work on every tree we touch. These professional arborists enjoy what they do and always take the initiative to make sure every tree gets the highest level of care. They pay attention to detail to make sure trees get serviced the correct way so no damage is done and your trees look great.

Customer-Focused. When you call North West Tasmania Tree Services, you can expect professionals who will help your trees grow healthier, stronger, and more beautiful. We aim to make the process easier for you. All customers can expect friendly and knowledgeable service provided by experts that help you with 5-star tree care services from start to finish. We are committed to customer satisfaction on every job we book.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to remove a tree can vary greatly depending on a lot of different factors. These include the location of the tree (in an open area vs close to buildings or roads), the height and width of the tree, the size of the canopy, the species of tree and also how good the access is or not (can we get out equipment to the tree easily or not).

So it’s a bit hard to give an accurate cost, however as a rough guide, a small tree with easy access could be as little as a few hundred dollars, a larger tree with poor access could be several thousand potentially, so it all depends. Your best bet is to give us a call so we can provide you a custom quote for your situation.

Absolutely! We come equipped not only with our chainsaw and climbing gear, but also our trusty wood chipper, so we can put all the waste through here and then take it away with us, so your yard will be nice and clean. If you’d like us to leave some of the waste on the other hand we can do that as well, whether you need some firewood or woodchips to use as mulch.

Depending on the situation and the reason you called us, we can remove specific branches and avoid removing the whole tree if you prefer. If, for instance you’re sick of sticks and leaves clogging your drains, we can remove the branches overhanging your home. But if the whole tree is dead, or you have other plans for that area of the garden, then it might best to remove the tree. This is something you can discuss with your arborist when they come for your free quote.

We have experience removing gum pine oak trees.